Clement Heads to the opposition Bench

Two years after sweeping the polls in the March 13th 2018 General Election, winning all fifteen seats in the Lower House of Parliament, the Keith Mitchell ruling New National Party (NNP) administration may soon be facing some form of opposition in parliament.

 This as Parliamentary Representative for the Constituency of St. George North West Hon. Tobias Clement has given his strongest indication to date that he is now ready to take up that mantle, dispelling claims that although he was not in good standing with head of the ruling party, he would remain a backbencher. 

According to information reaching the Grenada Informer, Clement who defeated the NDC’s then Political Leader, Nazim Burke in the last general election, but fell out of grace with the ruling party contacted the Head of State Her Excellency Governor General Dame Cecile La Grenade on Monday with a view of having documents prepared so that he can proceed to take the oath of office, to becoming Leader of the Opposition in Grenada.

 Although that announcement came as no surprise, Clement having already resigned from the ruling party, and made it known in one sitting of the Lower House that he would soon be sitting on the other side, told reporters on Monday that with all that is taking place in Grenada at this time, there is need for an opposition voice in the Lower House.

In an interview with our news team via telephone on Monday Clement noted that decisions made by Government at this time, is about life and death and therefore must first take into consideration people and their safety, such decisions he said, must be transparent where people take priority. The two-time parliamentarian for St. George North West said it was on that basis he was called to move into action with some level of dispatch.

Clement publicly lambasted the NNP and its leadership in the past for its handling of the governance of the country, its handling of his constituency office, and the reduction in salaries for parliamentarians, he reiterated on Monday that issues remain critical and form the basis for his decision at this time.       

Clement’s request we were told, which came with some level of urgency, could not have been met on Monday. Sources said the Governor-General pointed to the limited staffing as a result of the COVID-19 situation that has affected the labour force at all levels. However, we were told, Clement was given the assurance that the necessary steps would be put in place to facilitate the process once it is practical to do so.         

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