‘Caribbean Princess’ on display at Sir Eric Gairy Botanical Gardens

‘Caribbean Princess’ by Ramona Persaud, a Year 1 Art & Design student at the T A Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) is on display at the pavilion in the Sir Eric Gairy Botanical Gardens, Tanteen. The work went up on Tuesday and will be on display until Saturday, 7 March.

Persaud produced the installation piece for her 3-Dimensional Art & Design Course, under the theme “This Is Us” where students were tasked with interpreting the theme, and choosing a suitable space to create the work for.

Installation view of ‘Caribbean Princess’ by Ramona Persaud, at the pavilion in the Sir Eric Gairy Botanical Gardens, Tanteen

Persaud said, “Caribbean Princess represents the power of the black women in the Caribbean. The bright colours express our enthusiastic spirit. Her hair is made from green mango leaves to create that beautiful afro that we showcase on the crown of our heads. Green mango leaves were used because they will eventually change colour, similarly to how we go through the various stages of life. Her hair is adorned with different flowers to symbolise a feeling of youth. Hanging from the bottom of her head are colourful strings with photographs of influential women in the Grenadian society as well as photos of Grenadian scenery. This artwork is meant to embrace and uplift the women of Grenada and other Caribbean countries; it is also meant to give a feeling of purpose and joy to any viewer whether male or female.”

Comments and reactions to the work are being documented, and viewers are asked to leave a written comment.

Other student installations will be presented next week Thursday, 12 March. They will be placed at different sites around St George’s for varying time periods.

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School of Arts, Sciences, and Professional Studies

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