Bernardine salutes workers on Labour Day 2020

by Senator Ron Livingston Redhead

Franka Bernardine, Political Leader of the main opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has called upon the government to consider a one-off payment bonus for essential service workers.

“A one-off payment bonus for essential service workers is the least that should be considered,” Bernardine said as she called for each public health worker to be provided with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to carry out their roles effectively. “I recognise that you are risking your lives in service to the country, and we in the NDC pray for the safety of all of you,” she said while saluting all workers in her Labour Day address.

“We are aware of the frustration and agony of doctors, nurses, and other public health workers in their struggle and fight for job security, and we trust that the authorities will urgently address those issues,” she said.

Bernardine, a former Minister for Education, also said that she especially embraces the efforts of the teachers amid the enormous challenges they face working in an extremely difficult Covid-19 environment. “As you know, education is one of my passions and that of the NDC.” She highlighted that the lack of tablets, as was promised by the present government, would not have been a problem for the NDC if it was managing the education system.

“The NDC did deliver on its promise of free school books and would have already delivered by now on free tablets,” she said. Pointing to the efforts made then by her government in education, she said if continued, would have put Grenada in good stead during this period. She urged the government to give special attention to the needs of teachers and condemned the bulldozing of the teachers into working on a platform for which they do not have the necessary tools and skills. Bernardine also called on government to resolve the outstanding issue of pensions and gratuity for public officers and abide by the constitution and the Pensions Act.

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