BDS$50,000.00 In Tools And Equipment For The RGPF

50,000.00 Barbadian dollars in tools and equipment has been handed to the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) to aid helping combat crimes in an effective manner. 

The RGPF on Tuesday 18th February took possession of a number of pieces of equipment to assist officers in their rapid response and execution of their work especially when conducting investigations. 

Over the last few weeks acting Commissioner of Police Edvin Martin has been underlining the fact that the RGPF has done exceptionally well regarding the reduction in reports of certain categories of crimes and also the increase in the solving rate of reported matters generally for 2019. He said it was an achievement never seen before in the RGPF. 

This success he said, is testimony to the efforts of the men and woman in uniform of the RGPF and could have only have been achieved because of the collaboration of the police force with citizens, critical stakeholders and donors.

Deputy Executive Director of the Regional Security System Graham Archer expressed gratefulness to the European Union for its support in making the items available. He acknowledged the value of forensics in processing of criminal cases and in order to realize the full value of forensics, they believe that basic procedures in preservation of evidence are critical. The equipment donated will improve evidence collection by law enforcement officers. 

Evidence collection procedures Archer said reduce or limit possible contamination, allow forensic persons to conduct their work in support of criminal investigations more efficiently. Forensic science has made unprecedented impact on the criminal justice system for proper evidence collection and forensic analysis. 

With the handing over of the international standard equipment the deputy director is confident that the law enforcement practitioners will have greater opportunity to apply the professional standards of competence in crime scene investigations. 

Deputy Commissioner of Police Franklin Redhead addressed the rapidly revolving nature of criminality, saying it poses an essential threat to Grenada and the region and their collective development aspirations. These threats consist of mutually reinforcing relationship between transnational organized crime that involves gun and drugs, gangs, cybercrimes, financial crime and corruption.

Crime and violence, he said is a development issue, high rates of crime and violence have direct effects on human welfare, economic growth and social development. At the RGPF he assured, their focus is the development of strategies in crime prevention, the reduction of crime, and victimization within societies. 

Several initiatives have been deployed in an effort to achieve a reduction in crime, significantly these have been included the strategic re deployment of officers to create greater police visibility, utilization of technology to generate intelligence and increased policing capability and technical reach.

He recognized the important intervention by the European Union through the 10th EDF Fund for enhancing RGPF forensic capabilities under the theme ‘Strengthening Law Enforcement and Border Security in the Regional Security System Member State”. He also recognized the ongoing efforts of the Regional Security System in coordinating and negotiating support from member states. 

The RGPF, he enforced, is committed to developing stronger and more constructive relationships with their stakeholders at national, regional and hemispheric levels to improve understanding of their needs and involve them in the shape and design of both their services and consequential outcome that is being sought. 

He thanked the European Union for their contribution to Grenada’s crime fighting capability, praising it as a truly worthwhile intervention in the finest tradition of civil and law enforcement collaboration. 

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