Asher Mains — Poetic Architecture

Opened on 21 February, Art House 473 has hosted a very conceptual one-man exhibit of the work of Asher Mains.

Mains work and theme has to do with the intersection of language and visual art. An installed structure made of wood one by twos and bolts, grew organically, without an architectural-like drawing. The shadows cast by bright spotlights enhanced the work by projecting shadows that soared to the second story of the space. It looked like a cityscape receding into space. The invitation was given to walk through the space, and to feel the tension created in the body by narrow nooks and crannies.

More traditional, Mains also showed portraits in paintings sitting on the structures. His chosen images were those of Caribbean language greats — Glissant, Walcott, Braithwaite, and Hughes. These paintings created a powerful effect as the men gazed out over the venue.

Mains, an instructor at the St George’s University School of Arts and Sciences, has grown up in the Grenada art scene. He has been exhibiting more than 20 years with the Grenada Arts Council and has represented Grenada on the international art scene. He says about this series, “This body of work is a starting point to launch further lines of inquiry regarding interpreting, producing, and consuming art in a dialogic mode.”

Simply put, it’s all about relationships.

While his intellectual need digs deep into philosophy, anyone can be intrigued by the sheer beauty of the art. The lines of the structure are long and lean, while the strokes of the paintbrush are sensitive and suggest a softness in all this heady verbiage.

Asher Mains installation

The crowds of art lovers who attended the opening event were treated to a very special vibe of music with the likes of Dexter Yawching, longstanding bassman, leading a jam session of young, enthusiastic musicians. Their passion was palpable, warm and welcoming. Drummers, a solo pan, and violin by Aixa, had locals and visitors alike on their feet.

This won’t be the last seen of this young artist. It seems he has come into his own, again.

The exhibition will continue until 6 March and can be seen by appointment.

Art House 473

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