A Sixteen-Year-Old Is The First Homicide Victim For The Year

Police have charged 30-year-old farmer Keiron Chitan of Upper St. Johns, St Andrew’s with the death of a 16-year-old schoolgirl.

The lifeless body Lenesha Stafford from the village of Hermitage in St. Patrick’s, a student of the Mc Donald College secondary school, was discovered in a house in Carriere in St. Andrew last Sunday. According to police the victim died as the result of a single gunshot to the head.

According to a report Chitan gave the police, during the afternoon hours of Sunday January 9, while having a shower, he heard a loud noise resembling the sound of a gunshot. 

He rushed out to find Stafford lying motionless in the bedroom with an injury to her head and alerted neighbors. 

The police were then called and the body was later examined by the District Medical Officer and pronounced dead.

Rumors also circulating speculate that the young lady was shot at the front door after hearing a knock and going to answer it. The Grenada Informer also heard of rumours that after the gunshot was fired a white car was seen driving away from the area. 

Police have since launched a major investigation into the homicide and while they are still piecing together the puzzle of what actually transpired, they are convinced that they have enough evidence to charge Chitan with the crime. 

The tragic death of the teenager has left family members, heighbours and the general population in shock. People are hoping to get answers as to what could have led to the death of the young schoolgirl. 

The death of the teen also sent shockwaves through the institution she attended. 

A source said that the deceased had lived with her mother but explained she was going to patronize a cricket match in Carriere on that fateful day. 

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