A Different View… Shifting your emotions!!

by Judy M McCutcheon

I was reading an article by the Tony Robbins team, and it really resonated with me. They were talking about the words we are using to describe our current situation.

Let’s take the words quarantine and lockdown as examples. The word quarantine brings to mind the images of people with the disease leprosy, who were quarantined and locked away from society. And what about lockdown? Does it conjure up the image of being in prison? In prison, the term lockdown is used to keep prisoners in their cells to prevent a riot. It’s where even the limited freedom in the jailhouse yard is taken away.

Tony Robbins says, “It’s time to wake up and become conscious of the patterns that are currently shaping the way you feel.” The meaning of words affects the way we feel, and those emotions alter our decision-making process. Currently, we are all trying to come to grips with what is happening. My daughter is in 5th form and should be getting ready for CXCs. Is that going to happen, who knows. Are kids going to be able to go back to school for the rest of the school year? Only time will tell.

I see a lot of memes going around on social media about husbands having a hard time being at home with their families, especially their wives. As funny as those memes may be, they affect us on a psychological level, due to the negative connotation attached to them. So, instead of looking at this time as a period of utter punishment, let’s look at it as a crucible, where we create something new and beautiful. Let’s make that psychological shift and view this as a period of “newness” or one of “conscious continuation.”

Many of us have a variety of unfinished projects sitting around the house just yearning for us to finish them, and we’ve always been complaining about not having sufficient time to do so. Well look at that, now you have lots and lots of time. Use this time to be creative; finish or start that book, start a kitchen garden. Who knows what’s going to be the situation with food in the coming months. For some of us, we could start a business. Let us see opportunities in this situation, instead of fussing that you have to spend time with your kids.

Let’s flip the switch on the words we are using to describe our current situation. I love meditation, so for me, this is an ideal time for me to connect with myself on a deeper level. This helps me to be more aware, and it keeps me calm. I’ve noticed that I am kinder and gentler both to myself and others. I am also using this time to go running and just enjoy and appreciate what nature has given us. It is a time to be centred and grounded so that we can face whatever lies ahead with ease and grace.

What about you? Are you going to use this time to tap into your humanness so that you get to experience the expansiveness of love, joy, and connectedness? What about using the time to dream, to plan, to create, so that after this is over, you can execute. Shifting your emotional patterns is a sure way to help you make better decisions and plans for your life. Challenge yourself to change your narrative during this time and experience the sheer joy that comes with living consciously.

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Judy McCutcheon is a partner in the firm Go Blue Inc, a Human Development Company.

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