A Call To Ban All Carnival Activities This Year

‘Crucial times call for crucial action’. This is a phrase which is well known the world over I believe. However, in Grenada, we are a resilient people that know how to take the bull by its horns when that becomes necessary. Needless to say, as Grenadians, we have gone through ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’. It’s like a beautiful young lady who, despite her beauty, went through so many life-changing experiences that she almost feels like giving up. Nevertheless, if she gives up now, she stands to lose everything that should be coming to her especially for all the years she had struggled. So too is this beautiful little island of ours, which has gone through catastrophes that its neighbours could only dream of.

Grenada was the first country in the English-speaking Caribbean that had a revolution. Of course, the history that was left behind speaks for itself, because no other country in this part of the world had their prime minister and other cabinet ministers executed. We have faced natural disasters like hurricane Ivan and Emily and while almost 90% of all our housing stock and agricultural products were wiped out, Grenada still bounced back.  

 Now we are about to face the worst epidemic of all times, where humanly speaking, it is almost impossible to fight since up until this time, there is no cure for this Coronavirus. 

Apart from the fact that there is no cure for Covid-19 so far, it’s the first time that whenever we have such an epidemic on our hands, we were told to stay away from everyone else, even your spouses. In times of hardship and difficulties, comfort to cope normally comes from family members and close friends. So, whenever our social life is interrupted and placed on hold indefinitely, we know that something is wrong that cannot be compared to all the previous and above-mentioned setbacks or attacks. Therefore, now more than ever before, it is of utmost importance that we do not do anything, which will jeopardize our chances of staying out of the reach of this Coronavirus.

 According to the Prime Minister, Dr Keith Mitchell, we should as much as possible avoid physical contact with other persons. He went on to say that we should not have large gatherings or gatherings at all, which could give rise to our chances of having physical contact, thus exposing us to the possibility of ‘catching’ whatever someone else might have, by them sneezing or coughing. So apart from all the other places of assembly, even the churches are closed down. Therefore, the question is what on earth could be the reason to go ahead with the carnival.

The fact that we do not know how long this world epidemic will last, it’s a slap in the face to all to even launch carnival. But carnival was launched about two weeks ago, and as we know, the carnival is not just one or two days, but a lot of build-up activities before the main event. Can someone be honest enough to say, with the carnival and all the other activities like church, funerals, weddings and even parties, in which one of these activities is it more likely for persons to have physical contact with each other? It’s Carnival of course.

 Without going into all the negative opportunities for this virus to spread during carnival festivities, a call is made to ban carnival this year, and ensure that even if we do not have many positive cases of Covid-19, we want to make sure that we do not give rise to any risk for this virus to be imported and or spread in Grenada. PLEASE, PLEASE NO CARNIVAL THIS YEAR.

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