2020 Emergency Powers (COVID-19) (No. 7) Regulations

(3) Notwithstanding subregulation (2), no crew member will be allowed or granted shore leave, unless for the purposes of operational difficulties and upon receiving permission from the Airports Authority or the Ports Authority.

11. Restriction on domestic travel. No person shall offer for hire or seek to travel on any–

(a)  mail boat, sailing inter-island, except for transport of freight; or

(b)  inter-island private commercial sea transport,

except with the approval of the Ports Authority and the Ministry of Health.

12. Movement to transact business at exempted establishment.—(1) One person from a household may leave his residence once a day in accordance with regulation 2 (2) to attend an establishment exempted under regulation 5 (1) or to access essential services offered by an essential worker under regulation 7 (3).

(2) Employees or workers of an establishment exempted under regulation 5 (1) may leave their homes for the purposes of attending work and their employers shall ensure safe transport for each employee or worker where necessary in accordance with regulation 14.

13. Restriction on road traffic.—(1) No person shall drive a motor vehicle on any public or private road for a purpose other than stated in regulation 4, 5, 7 or 12.

(2) The Royal Grenada Police Force shall have powers to stop any motor vehicle and inquire as to the purposes for which that motor vehicle is being utilised, and to arrest anyone found in violation of this restriction.

(3) The power to tow away under section 30, and to affix an immobilising device under section 30A, of the Road Traffic Act, Chapter 289A shall apply in respect of any motor vehicle driven or used in contravention of this regulation.

(4) In this regulation, “motor vehicle” has the meaning assigned under the Road Traffic Act, Chapter 289A.

14. Restriction on transportation.—(1) No person travel in a motor vehicle unless the motor vehicle carries not more than one person in each row of seats in a staggered formation.

(2) No person shall offer for hire or seek to travel on–

(a) any motor omnibus;

(b) any hiring car or taxi.

(3) A person may travel in a motor vehicle in accordance with regulations 2 (2), 4, 5, 12 and 13.

(4) In this regulation, “motor omnibus”, “hiring car” and “taxi” have the meanings assigned under the Road Traffic Act, Chapter 289A.

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